Welcome to the new year at ECML, while we await new developmental news, we would like to discuss what developers over here are doing to work for extended periods of time. 3 Tips to doing Continuous programming work with maximum focus and no distractions

#1 – No Distractions – This is the obvious one and many use the pomodoro technique to execute fully on this, but this means closing all the tabs that you are “working on” and sticking to just 1 in your current view. You can use a extension to temporarily hibernate all tabs, which you may find useful (this will also bring system memory go way up as well!). Studies show that the constant back and fourth between unrelated tasks consumes A LOT of energy in the brain and it is better to stick to just one task at a time.

#2 – Mental Energy – Mental energy is needed to proactively be solving the problem that you have carefully crafted as a house of cards in your head, once there are no distractions this house is made, but constantly doing this for hours at a time is hard work. What’s the trick? Consume food an hour before hand, be drinking enough water, and our developers have been consuming Lumonol as a way of  covering all cognitive bases, you can read the full review above as its above the dept of this article. Don’t consume crap like 5 hour energy which are bad for your health and are loaded with sugar.

#3 – Maintain Optimal Health – This does not mean you buy something fancy or try new fancy techniques to get into flow state. This simply implies you are sleeping for 6-8 hours a night in the dark, it means you are consuming enough water, you are getting deep sleep and not consuming the likes of caffeine late at night and that you are using a vitamin tracker to stay on top of your nutritional needs.

As a added bonus, another two things we use are F.lux which manages the brightness of our monitors so firstly our eyes don’t get stressed and secondly so our circadian rhythm remains on track whereas blue light is filtered out and replaced by a yellow hue.

Second last tip is that you measure what you are actually spending your time on, on the computer. Many times we think just because we are ‘working’ we are also productive but this is not the case, a perfect tool to determine how productive you are is to use RescueTime, it is not a new tool by any means but it emails you weekly to let you know where you spent the majority of your time that week and auto categorizes productive and unproductive time.

Good luck and stay tuned for more tips on development in general.


Electronic Commerce Modeling Language is an alliance of high-tech companies and financial companies to agree on a standard for electronic wallets.

We are currently working to actively integrate our solutions with health providers such as Allscripts and TrackMyStack in collecting patient fees. The last thing one needs to worry about as a provider is collection of fee during a crisis, we make it easy and reliable.

Further Reading on implementation
– Learn more about allscripts here: http://AllScripts.com