Top Online Data Science Programs

Data science is said to be advancing further as the demandable course or program among the professionals. Efficient data scientists are capable to determine relevant queries, organize the data, collect information from a different source of data, and translate outcomes into solutions etc. The main reasons to become a data scientist are due to developing demand of the data science, salaries offered are unbeatable. This field adds value to the business where you can easily acquire the job, and it’s an evolving area. You can take different data science programs or courses to become a data scientist and evolve in the field as a professional.

Let’s discuss the data science courses or programs for starting your profession as a data scientist.

Applied data science with python specialization:

In this program, you get introduced to libraries of data science with python such as pandas, nltk, scikit learn, and matplotlib. You will learn about utilizing them on real information. It offers a breakdown of how you can utilize and evaluate python algorithms. This course is suitable for the individuals who already knows R language or learning the concepts of statistics.

This program is for 49 dollars per month for graded materials and certificate. Here you will learn about intro to data science in python, applied plotting, data representation and charting in python, social network analysis, text mining and machine learning. For beginning to take this course, it is better you know about the basics of python.

Introduction to data science:

This is one of the high rated courses which is taught by a big organization. It takes about six weeks to complete learning this data science program which is the live course. After completing the course, you will get a certificate and also acquire education units. The price of this course is 750 dollars where you will learn statistics, linear algebra, computer science, exploratory data analysis and visualization, and many more.

Data science specialization:

Many of the candidates love to enroll in this course as it is highly rated program. It has an entire section on statistics which is usually missing in any of the courses of data science. Learning statistics to become a data scientist is important as it is the backbone of the data science. This specialization is a mixture of theory as well as application utilizing R programming language. It is important that you have some experience of programming and understanding about algebra. It is offered by Johns Hopkins university for 49 dollars per month.

Statistics and data science micromasters:

This is an advanced and graduate level kind of courses which offers credits that you can be able to apply for certain degrees of graduate. It is important that you need to have some experience on multivariate and single calculus. It is also best to have python programming.


Dataquest is an awesome asset and program which is a best complement in your learning on the web. Instead of teaching in online video lessons, it teaches you through some sorts of textbooks. Each of the topic in the track of data science is associated with steps of interactive coding, in browser, and other things. The curriculum of this program is arranged in a well-organized manner where you can learn about projects of data science. You can also find a helpful slack and active community where you can clear your doubts by asking various queries.

Python for data science and machine learning bootcamp:

It is the priced and reasonable course where the instructor does the job in an outstanding way. They explain statistical learning, visualization, and python required for all the projects of data science. You will have assignments to complete after completing the course. You will be able to work on many workbooks to improve your understanding where the instructor offers you solutions to explain each and every piece of the course.

CS109 data science:

It is the one of the best and amazing courses to take as an amateur to data science. It is not available on any type of communicative platform and do not provide any kind of certification to the individual. But this course is free and worth to learn in your time.

Programming for data science:

This course or data science program teaches about how to finish data analysis in scientific computing in python. The individuals learning this course profit as they experience writing and reading CSV files utilizing the library of panda data analysis. You can be able to work in matplotlib library. It also introduces to the best practices of software engineering. You can learn all the lessons related to the programming in data science.

Thus, these are some of the best and top data science programs to take up for becoming a professional data scientist.…

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